To design our products in the most environmentally friendly way possible, we always keep an eye on their overall life cycle. Using environmental impact studies, we analyze the creation of new vehicles, drive systems, components and materials from the first ideas and design sketches down to recycling.

To demonstrate these efforts to our customers, Volkswagen has been documenting the results of environmentally responsible product development since 2007 using Environmental Commendations. These are based on an assessment and certification under ISO 14040 of environmental improvements in product development as compared to the previous model by independent experts from the German TÜV inspection organization. The up! received the Environmental Commendation in 2011. Additionally, two particularly efficient models, the Passat BlueMotion and Passat EcoFuel, were recognized by the renewal of their respective Environmental Commendations. All Environmental Commendations and regularly updated information about them can be found at

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