Sustained high demand in the Volkswagen Group’s key markets poses new challenges for quality assurance. Particularly in the growing automotive markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China, for which dedicated vehicles are developed and which have local manufacturing operations and suppliers, quality assurance is of fundamental importance. We analyze the conditions specific to each market and thus ensure growth in these regions. In cooperation with the central quality assurance function, knowledge of local risks is continuously translated into effective measures, thereby minimizing the possible risks arising from quality defects from the outset.

As production volumes grow and vehicles become increasingly complex, including in light of new drive technologies, demand for high-grade supplier components of impeccable quality is rising rapidly. To ensure production and thus fulfill customer expectations, it is extremely important that our own plants and our suppliers deliver on time. The introduction of an internally-tested risk management system at the suppliers’ end is an important step towards ensuring long-term quality and supply capability right from the beginning of the supply chain. Quality assurance thus helps to fulfill customer expectations and consequently boost the Company’s reputation, sales figures and earnings.

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