The individual skills and technical expertise of our employees are a major factor contributing to the Volkswagen Group’s success. Our aim of becoming top employer in the automotive industry improves Volkswagen’s chances of recruiting and retaining the most talented employees.

Our strategic, end-to-end human resources development strategy gives all employees attractive training and development opportunities, with particular emphasis placed on increasing technical expertise in the Company’s different vocational groups. As a result of continuously expanding our recruitment tools and increasing training programs, particularly at international locations, we are able to adequately address the challenges posed by growth on the human resources side, too.

In addition to the standard twin-track vocational training, programs such as our StIP integrated degree and traineeship scheme ensure the advancement of highly qualified and motivated employees. We counter the risk that knowledge will be lost as a result of employee fluctuation and retirement with intensive, department-specific training. We have also expanded our base of senior experts in the Group to ensure that the valuable knowledge of specialists retiring from Volkswagen is transferred to other employees.

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