Our Strategy 2018 focuses on positioning the Volkswagen Group as a global economic and environmental leader among automobile manufacturers. We have defined four goals that are intended to make Volkswagen the most successful and fascinating automaker in the world by 2018:

  • Volkswagen intends to deploy intelligent innovations and technologies to become a world leader in customer satisfaction and quality.
  • The goal is to increase unit sales to more than 10 million vehicles a year; in particular, Volkswagen intends to capture an above-average share of the development of the major growth markets.
  • Volkswagen intends to increase its return on sales before tax to at least 8% so as to ensure that the Group’s solid financial position and ability to act are guaranteed even in difficult market periods.
  • Volkswagen aims to become the top employer across all brands, companies and regions; this is necessary in order to build a first-class team.

We are focusing in particular on the environmentally friendly orientation and profitability of our vehicle projects so that the Volkswagen Group has the right products for success even in more challenging economic conditions. At the same time, this will mean that capital expenditure remains at manageable levels. Our attractive and environmentally friendly range of vehicles, which we are steadily and judiciously expanding, and the excellent position enjoyed by our individual brands in the markets worldwide, are key factors allowing us to leverage the Group’s strengths and to systematically increase our competitive advantages. Our activities are primarily oriented on setting new ecological standards in the areas of vehicles, powertrains and lightweight construction. Our modular toolkit system, which we are enhancing on an ongoing basis, allows us to constantly improve production efficiency and flexibility, thus increasing the Group’s profitability.

In addition, we want to expand the Volkswagen Group’s customer base by acquiring new, satisfied customers around the world. In addition, we aim to increase satisfaction among our existing customers. We shall continue the measures we are currently taking to improve our productivity and quality regardless of the economic situation and without any time limit. Key elements include standardizing processes in both the direct and indirect areas of the Group and reducing throughput times in production. Together with disciplined cost and investment management, these efforts play a major role in ensuring that we reach our long-term profitability targets and safeguard solid long-term liquidity.

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