Including the Chinese joint ventures, the Volkswagen Group employed an average of 454,025 people (+16.9%) in fiscal year 2011. In China, the figure includes not only the vehicle-producing joint ventures, but also the workforce in the component plants since 2010. Our companies in Germany employed 195,657 people on average; their share of the total headcount declined to 43.1% (previous year: 45.9%). The Volkswagen Group had 482,447 active employees (+25.6%) as of the 2011 reporting date. In addition, 4,488 employees were in the passive phase of their early retirement and 15,021 young persons were in vocational traineeships (+42.4%). The Volkswagen Group’s total headcount was 501,956 employees (+25.7%) at the end of the reporting period. In addition to the establishment of new production facilities and expanded production volumes in Germany and abroad, this increase can be attributed primarily to the consolidation in the reporting period of Porsche Holding Salzburg and MAN SE. A total of 224,851 people were employed in Germany (+24.0%), while 277,105 were employed abroad (+27.1%).

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