MAN stands for transport and energy. Founded in 1758, the company has been one of the Volkswagen Group’s independent brands since November 9, 2011. The Munich-based company’s product portfolio ranges from trucks through marine engines with up to 100,000 PS and turbines down to turnkey power plants – all true driving forces, developed and created by over 53,500 MAN employees worldwide.


MAN is a global player and present on five continents. The company is growing above all in the BRIC countries and is building on its strong position in emerging growth markets such as Argentina, Chile, Indonesia, Mexico, South Africa and Turkey. But Europe continues to be MAN’s strongest region in terms of revenue.

(full-year 2011 based on MAN SE’s 2011 annual report)

Global presence (quotation)


MAN is one of the world’s leading providers of transport, mobility and energy solutions. The Group’s individual divisions complement each other: MAN develops sustainable, eco-friendly technologies for both commercial vehicles and marine diesel engines. Turbine technology makes energy generation even more efficient, while gear units convert engine power or wind energy into a driving force for engines.Services, financing and leasing round off the portfolio.

MAN commercial vehicles – Power Engineering (graphics)

MAN is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles and transport solutions. MAN’s product range includes trucks with a gross weight of 7.5 to 44 tonnes, special purpose vehicles with a gross combination weight of up to 250 tonnes, as well as omnibuses and coaches. In Brazil, MAN is the largest producer of trucks and the market leader in trucks with a gross vehicle weight over 5 tonnes. In addition, MAN manufactures diesel and gas engines for all types of commercial vehicles.

MAN has established itself as a leading developer and manufacturer of large diesel engines, turbo compressors, industrial turbines and chemical reactor systems in its Power Engineering business area. In the diesel engine sector, MAN has positioned itself as a technological leader in developing drive units up to 100,000 PS for ships and generating energy in power plants. MAN also offers a broad range of turbomachinery for a very wide spectrum of industrial sectors – from the oil and gas industry through refineries down to the production of industrial gases and electricity. In addition, MAN manufactures gear units and power transmission components for special purpose vehicles and industrial applications. Development, production and quality assurance testing systems for the automotive, railway and aviation industries complete the product range.

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