In view of the purpose of the Company, its size and the extent of its international activities, the Supervisory Board of Volkswagen AG intends to achieve a composition of this body that takes the following criteria into account:

  • At least three members of the Supervisory Board should be persons who embody in particular the characteristic of internationality.
  • Among the shareholder representatives, at least four members of the Supervisory Board should be persons who are neither consultants or members of governing bodies of customers, suppliers, lenders, or other business partners of the Volkswagen Group nor have a business or personal relationship with Volkswagen AG or its Board of Management that could constitute a conflict of interest.
  • At least two Supervisory Board members should be women, and at least one female member should represent the shareholders.
  • In addition, proposals for elections should not normally include persons who will have reached the age of 70 by the time the election takes place.

The first three objectives have already been met. As a rule, individuals will also not be proposed for election to the Supervisory Board if they are 70 years old at the time of the election.

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