In its annual report, in the interim reports and on its website at, the Volkswagen Group publishes a financial calendar listing all the important dates for its shareholders. The invitations to and the agendas for the shareholders’ meetings and any countermotions received are also available on this website. At the shareholders’ meetings, shareholders may exercise their voting rights themselves, have this right exercised on their behalf by a third-party proxy granted power of attorney, or by a proxy designated by the Company who will vote on their behalf in accordance with their voting instructions. In addition, we offer our shareholders the opportunity to watch the Annual General Meeting on the Internet until the end of the general debate.

News and information about the Volkswagen Group can be downloaded from our website at All releases and other information are published in both English and German.

Immediately after their publication in line with legal requirements, the Company’s ad hoc releases are also published on our website at under the heading “Mandatory Publications”, menu item “Ad-hoc releases”.

A detailed list of all communications published in 2011 relating to the capital markets is included in the annual document required by section 10 of the Wertpapierprospektgesetz (WpPG – German Securities Prospectus Act), which can also be accessed on the above website under the heading “Mandatory Publications”.

We publish directors’ dealings (section 15a of the WpHG) at under the heading “Mandatory Publications”, menu item “Directors’ Dealings”.

In addition, details of the notifications filed in compliance with sections 21 ff. of the Wertpapierhandelsgesetz (WpHG – German Securities Trading Act) during the reporting period can be found on this website under the heading “Mandatory Publications”, menu item “Reporting of voting rights according to WpHG”. Notifications relating to other legal issues may be downloaded there under the heading “Mandatory Publications”, menu item “Other legal issues”.

The supervisory body offices held by Board of Management members and Supervisory Board members can be found in chapter Executive Bodies.


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